The FEMECO project is a high-performing digital education ecosystem that is based on Open Education Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices which aims to develop and deliver quality online learning experiences and make them easily and freely accessible to learners across the EU. Its aim is to address and tackle the damaging consequences that our daily consumption habits have on the environment and offer eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in order to respond the problem. FEMECO will offer solutions for adult education and life-long learning providers and supplement them with digital content which is more asynchronous learning opportunities in existing courses on green skills and sustainable development. By leveraging ready-made online resources adult education and life-long learning institutions can capitalize on existing resources and support adult learners’ learning.

The specific project objectives are the following:

– To develop a unique, state-of-the-art, technology-enhanced online training program on how to make reusable hygiene products & baby diapers

– To cultivate green skills and provide social entrepreneurship opportunities and education for women

– To raise awareness to the wider public and promote a more sustainable way of lifestyle and consumption behaviour about hygiene products.

– To promote high quality, learner-centred adult learning programmes that allows for learner autonomy, flexible and engaging.

In addition, the project dissemination and exploitation activities are expected to promote:

• the sustainability and possible commercialization of the Campus after the end of EU funding.

• the widest dissemination of knowledge from the project, including the capacity to design, develop, share and offer high-quality online VET courses through the employment of user-friendly tools and secure platforms, respecting privacy and ethical standards.

FEMECO fully aligns with UN SDG 5 [gender equality], SDG 6 [clean water and sanitation], SDG 12 [responsible consumption and production] and SDG 13 [climate action] and aims at reducing waste and enabling behavioural changes and lifestyle habits that are key for sustainable development.

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