ROSI stands for network of international solidarity organizations. ROSI France is the main organization situated in the north of Paris, and in a desire to have a local implementation of our projects, we created our branch ROSI France- Essonne in Les Ulis in the South of Paris. ROSI has international delegations in Morocco, Senegal, Togo, Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Burkina Faso, therefore, our implication, work ethic and values are shared with local volunteers abroad. A new branch has been opened recently in the south-eastern Paris. ROSI aims to strengthen intercultural cooperation and reinforce social dialogue by bringing young people from all over the world closer. An important part of our work is to initiate young people to international solidarity actions and active social participation.

The SEDA Association was established in December 2020 in Krakow. The aim of the Association is to support the development of informal and non-formal education, in particular adult education. Our goal is also the development of local regions, including, in particular, shaping attitudes open to knowledge and innovation and the dissemination of modern information technologies. The Association also aims to facilitate the flow of information on the latest achievements of science and technology applicable in lifelong learning for adults.

Helping Hand is a non-Governmental, non-profit Organization, which is based in Athens. Helping Hand Team is experienced in project management and the implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects. Helping Hand operates in Greece, and especially in the region of Attica. Helping Hand is a member of European Consortia and cooperates with partners from the EU, in the framework of EU projects in the areas of its interest and expertise 

AIMS OF HELPING HAND: To promote Education and Training in all areas of Lifelong Learning To set up initiatives related to the protection of rights of people with disabilities, and especially of the vulnerable groups, to raise awareness on social, cultural and environmental issues. To promote Social Inclusion and equal opportunities for people with disabilities, migrants, refugees and socially vulnerable groups in general, as well as to support those people and their families

AREAS OF ACTIVITY: Social inclusion and integration, human rights Gender equality and mainstreaming Employability and equal opportunities Active citizenship Scientific research and know-how development in social policy issues Education, training, upskilling

Magenta Consultancy is an educational and European projects’ consultancy set in 2003 and specialised in the promotion of gender equality and social development at regional, national and European level. Our target group is represent by all generations. We work in the field of school, youth, VET, high and adult education not only directly with learners, but also with professionals.

Zewelepe was established on 24 January 2018 and it is a highly innovative consulting SME in Cyprus that provides holistic consulting, training and ICT development services to both private and public organisations. It brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized researchers from the fields of engineering, communication technologies, education and social and political sciences with a long experience in project management and implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects. Zewelepe delivers high-quality research, training, educational, consulting and ICT services to local, national, European and international levels, adopting a human-centered approach and aiming at the promotion of sustainable development and growth. Drawing on the diverse experience and expertise of its staff, the organization provides, among other, research studies, reports and analyses, technology-enhanced learning solutions (elearning platforms, Moodle, Virtual Learning Environment development, education apps etc.), quality management in education, target group needs-tailored lifelong and adult learning programmes, design and development of training material in a range of fields and sectors, as well as mentoring and support services. Zewelepe has among its main aims the promotion of education and training in all areas of Lifelong Learning and we deliver education and training programmes tailor-made to the needs of the participants. We are providing services related to the development, installation and implementation of e-Learning environments.

Euro-Med Youth Federation, commonly known as EMYF, is an international youth network based in Berlin, Germany, seeking to create a “network of youth networks” for cooperating in the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries. Euro-Med Youth Federation aims to foster a Euro-Mediterranean culture, the sense of belonging and commitment.

Kadın ve Genç Girişim Merkezi Derneği (K-GEM) is a non-governmental organization founded in March 2008 in Ankara, Turkey with a focus on women and youth from diverse social, educational and cultural backgrounds.

Its main aim is to provide and/or increase opportunities for students, women and workers from migrant or local communities; to train teachers, parents and leaders committed to education and integration, democracy and inclusion; to contribute to non-violent conflict transformation processes in Europe by providing competences and skills development.

Its vision is to provide opportunities based on non-formal education to non-integrated young people, students, workers, women and to give them the chance to be included, to learn better and to be oriented in their career path, social and professional life.

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